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What size do I need to quote for my garage opening?

All Wessex garage door sizes are quoted as clear opening size within the frame. Wessex build in the required clearances to allow the door to operate within the quoted opening e.g. an up & over door specified to fit an opening of 2100mm wide will actually have a panel width of 2086mm.The same applies to the height of the door. It is standard practise to specify all doors in the format width x height in that order. A typical internal frame size would be 2134mm x 2134mm (7ft wide x 7ft high) and the Wessex door panel size would be 2118mm x 2114.

Framed Doors – Between the reveal – All doors 75mm Frame (Retractable)    60mm Frame (Canopy)

If you wish to specify a frame for the door then the same principal applies, but the required opening size will now be the door size PLUS the width of the frame(plus a few mm for tolerance). E.g. If the clear brickwork opening is 2274mm, the upright legs of a Wessex frame should be allowed a nominal 70mm width therefore 140mm needs to be taken off the brickwork width – 2134mm which is the correct width for the framed door that should be specified. For the framed height, the clear brickwork height less a nominal 70mm for the frame head is the required framed door size.

E.g. For a clear brickwork opening size of 2578mm x 2204mm, the door size will be 2578mm – 140mm wide and 2204mm – 70mm high making the framed door size required 2438mm x 2034mm.

Framed Doors – Between the reveal – Canopy door 54mm Frame

Exactly the same routine as above except that the allowance for the frame will be 110mm in the width and 70mm in the height

Framed Doors – Fitting behind the reveal

If you choose to fit a frame behind the reveal (rather than between) then you must build in an overlap of 13mm each side for the frame to protrude within the opening – this allows for horizontal movement in the door when it opens so that it doesn’t scrape against any uneven brickwork. In this instance the required door width will be the clear brickwork opening width less 2 x 13mm – 26mm total in width. There is no requirement for an overlap of the frame into the opening on the height.

What is the difference between the build qualities?

Wessex one piece doors are manufactured in 2 different build configurations. All the doors us the same face mould, so the external features do not change, but the construction of the door panels are quite different. The higher the crown rating the stronger the construction and the more attractive the finish and specification of the overall product. The main differences are as follows:-

3 Crown - Features a corrosion protected steel chassis available in black, white or brown to provide added strength and rigidity.

4 Crown - Features a corrosion protected steel chassis available in black, white or brown to provide added strength and rigidity. The back of the door panel is covered with a “flowcoat” of resin for increased rigidity and a neat interior finish in light reflecting white.

What are the differences in the various operating gears available?

There are three main gear types available on Wessex products as follows:-

Canopy Gear

Available only on single up & over doors up to 2438mm x 2134mm (8ft x 7ft) opening sizes. This features a single torsion spring mounted across the top of the door using steel cables to lift the door open on vertical tracks attached to the frame legs. The door in the open position protrudes from the opening by around 1/3rd of its height forming a ‘canopy’ – hence the name of the gear. The gear needs room in front to swing out during it’s opening cycle. This is the cheapest and quickest to fit of the up & over gear types it is not easily automated.

Retractable gear

Available on all up & over door sizes, this gear operates on a minimum of four extension springs fitted to arms at the side of the door which are extended in the closed position and contract when the door is opened lifting the panel up and backward along parallel horizontal tracks fitted inside the garage. In the fully open position most of the height of the door is ‘retracted’ into the garage hence the gear name. The gear needs room in front to swing out during it’s opening cycle. This is a smoother and more robust gear system that is easily automated.

Side hinged gear

Traditional butt hinges attach the door panel to frame allowing the door to swing open outward.

Do I get all the operating gear and fixings with the door?

Yes. The door price includes the appropriate operating gear and all the necessary fixings except those required to attach the gear to the garage frame or in the case of framed doors, the brickwork / blockwork. This exception is due to the large number of possible variations in existing frame and garage structure and materials. You are best able to decide on the appropriate fixings for installation to existing structures.

I want to automate my Wessex garage door - can it be done?

Yes provided the door is in good operating order and is balanced correctly and the frame is secure and solid. Wessex has an operator available for all Wessex gear types, including side hinged doors.

Why won’t my brand new canopy door open?

If after installation your canopy door will not open it is likely that the retaining pin is still in place and will need to be removed. (Please see the fixing instructions). Alternatively you may have lost all tension from the spring in which case it will need to be re-tensioned as per the supplied operating instructions. Great care should be exercised when retensioning the spring as there is substantial force required and the spring system will be under a lot of tension. If in doubt, we recommend you get your local Wessex distributor to carry out the work.

Why is my canopy door difficult and heavy to open?

If, after a period of use, your canopy door becomes ‘heavy’ and will not open to it’s normal height unaided, then it will usually require lubrication or re-tensioning. The gear system is a mechanical device that needs regular oiling to keep it performing smoothly (please refer to the operating instructions for guidance). Before resorting to re-tensioning a door, first apply some suitable oil to the moving parts highlighted in the operating instructions and open and close the door a few times. Often this will resolve the problem. If not, then it may be that the tension spring requires some extra tension. Instructions on how to do this are in the operating guide. Great care should be exercised when retensioning the spring as there is substantial force required and the spring system is under a lot of tension. If in doubt, we recommend you get your local Wessex distributor to carry out the work.

Can I buy doors directly from Wessex Doors?

Unfortunately not, however we can advise you of the location of a reputable source of doors in your local area elsewhere on this website.

Can Wessex match their door colour to other woodwork around my property?

Wessex have a total of 14 standard woodgrain colours or ‘tones’ which could well be a good match to your woodwork. Wessex ‘Honey Beech’ is a near match for ‘Golden Oak’ and Wessex ‘Dark Mahogany’ is a near match for the ‘Rosewood’ foiled colours used in many modern external uPVC window and door products.

I have scratched / damaged the surface of my door, can it be re-stained?

Yes. However you will need to contact your local Wessex distributor to discuss the matter.

Can I paint my GRP door a different colour?

Gloss doors are relatively easily re-finished using a suitable GRP primer and top coat paint – usually readily available from boat chandlers or mail order. You will need to prepare the surface carefully, but all the necessary preparation information should be available from the same source as the paint.

Woodgrain doors are more problematic as you will need to completely remove the stain that has been factory applied to enhance the grain effect of your door. This may be achieved using acetone (with great care) and lots of elbow grease. Once this is done, then the door can be repainted as above.

Can I / should I varnish my woodgrain GRP door?

No. Varnish will irreparably damage the GRP surface of the door.

How do I maintain the good looks of my door?

Regularly wash the door down with fresh running water and immediately remove bird droppings the same way. Do not rub the door with any abrasive, caustic, acidic or proprietary cleaners, all of which will damage the surface finish. The gloss appearance of your Glosswhite GRP garage door can be enhanced after time by washing the door down then by carefully applying a very fine polishing paste or liquid such as ‘T -Cut’ to the surface and polishing off.

Do I need to lubricate my garage door?

Yes. Full advice as to where and when lubrication should be applied is contained in the ‘Operating Instructions’ supplied with the door. Proper lubrication and replacement of worn components is a condition of continued warranty cover.

Can Wessex fit my door for me?

Unfortunately not as Wessex only manufacture doors. Assistance with fitting your door may be obtained from your local Wessex distributor. See elsewhere on this site for details of a company in your area.

When will my new door be delivered?

Wessex quote a week-commencing date on deliveries at time of order. You will be contacted 24 hours before delivery during the week quoted to advice of the specific day.

My electric opener has stopped working / is faulty?

Due to the nature of these products it is always best to refer back to the supplying company if your electric operator develops a fault. If you do not know the supplying company please refer to your local Wessex distributor for advice or assistance. However, if the operator was purchased with, or is fitted to a Wessex door, please check the make / model carefully before making contact. It may not be a Wessex operator that has been supplied / fitted, but from another manufacturer - in which case we will be unable to assist.

Where can I see a detailed specification of the premier side hinged range and how does this compare to the classic range?

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I noticed that the Exclusive Side Hinged Range was replaced in 2011 with the premier range. What benefits does the premier range now offer?

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