G.R.P. Window Options

All window design doors are fitted with standard black (opaque) windows, which cannot be seen through. Clear and stippled translucent windows are available.

Window options

Handle Options

All Wessex one piece doors are supplied with black handle and 2 locking as standard, an additional locking kit is available to upgrade single doors to 4 point locking.

Optional diecast brass effect, chrome effect and white handles are available.

All Wessex Platinum range side hinged doors are supplied with a black lever handle, anodised aluminium chrome effect and white handles are also available.

Handle Holes will be drilled as standard. If a handle hole is not required this must be clearly stated at time of ordering.


All single size (up to 8'0" (2438mm) wide) Wessex canopy and retractable doors available pre-framed in Quick-Fit steel frames. Selected standard size canopy doors can also be supplied with colour matched onepiece G.R.P. frames. For larger doors, low maintenance colour matched two or three piece G.R.P. frames.

All steel frames supplied are available in a White, Brown or Black painted finish.

Please see our Price List for complete size and application details.


Gear Types

Canopy - Up & Over Lifting Gear

Single door canopy gear combines compactness with simplicity.

Retractable - Up & Over Lifting Gear

Retractable gear offers smoother operation with lower maintenance and is ideal for electric operators.

Doors over 8'0" (2438mm) wide and over 7'0" (2134mm) high are only supplied on retractable gear.


Side Hinged

Styles are generally available as centre opening, with a selection of designs also available with a 2/3: 1/3 split opening - a particularly popular choice when the garage door is also regularly used for pedestrian entry to the garage.

Side hinged doors are also ideal for locations where obstructions are present within the garage, preventing the installation of Up & Over, sectional or roller doors.

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